Selamat Malaysia

If you are looking for a quick getaway from Singapore, quickly buy a bus or plane ticket and head on over to Malaysia! With an exchange rate of 1 Singapore Dollar to 3 Malaysian Ringgits, you can easily shop, eat, and simply enjoy a weekend of fun. From the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, to the scenic cities of Eastern Malaysia, make Malaysia your next destination when you stop by Singapore. … More Selamat Malaysia

Become More Than Just A Photographer

Those that create new ideas were more than just a photographer, they were artists. They didn’t just rely on meet ups and shoot whatever was provided, but rather spent the hours thinking about how to develop an artwork that expressed their original idea, turning that idea into a reality. From researching the location of their shoot, to finding the most suitable models, to styling the models, a lot more effort was put into the works of artists who wanted to create something new. Furthermore, they engaged with their model and with their surroundings to enhance the mood they wished to capture. I want to be artist; to be able to turn my ideas and thoughts into an artwork. … More Become More Than Just A Photographer

Nudity – An Art with Intentions

The art of nudity in photography has fallen short of being considered art, or even photography. When shooting nudity, there is a fine line between art and pornography – the former is done with creative intentions, and the latter, with sexual ones. During my first time shooting nudity, I came to better understand this artform and why it holds a message that is so powerful, yet so easily tarnished. … More Nudity – An Art with Intentions

A Trip Through Memory Lane

Looking back at my childhood days, I realized that I was very much into computer games, which became quite addictive. From hiding under my bed sheets at night to bluntly lying to my parents that I was using the computer for “study purposes.” In the end, I would still get caught playing games (haha). Among all the games I played, there was one memorable one that I decided to revisit again: Neopets. … More A Trip Through Memory Lane

Taipei: I Fell In Love…

Although we only parted ways a few months ago, I still remember all the happiest moments. You were beautiful, friendly, and filled with adventure. Our time together was short, 5 days to be exact, yet that time felt like I had knew you all along. Those days I woke up early just for you, despite crazy nights of drinking of dancing. You greeted me with open arms, and left me with unforgettable memories. I long to see you again…soon. … More Taipei: I Fell In Love…

$200 On My Head

Waking up every morning, the first thing I check when I look into the mirror is how my hair looks. For many like myself, waking up to nice hair just gives that extra boost in confidence to your morning. Whereas, waking up to bad bed hair can be an absolute pain. Some of you have asked what I do to keep my hair looking the way it is, so here is my $200 solution! 😀 … More $200 On My Head