3 Years of Independence

At the current age of 21, I last saw my family three years ago. Three years of Christmas, New Years, and many university holidays spent without my parents and little brother. This sounds absolutely mind blowing when I first tell this to many students my age, as they can’t imagine not having to see their family at least once a month. Distance served as a huge factor that kept me apart, being that it’s not the easiest to travel back and forth from Philadelphia to Hawaii without going out of budget for the 7898 km (4908 miles) one way. However, I could not have been happier to just be on my own. … More 3 Years of Independence

A Trip Through Memory Lane

Looking back at my childhood days, I realized that I was very much into computer games, which became quite addictive. From hiding under my bed sheets at night to bluntly lying to my parents that I was using the computer for “study purposes.” In the end, I would still get caught playing games (haha). Among all the games I played, there was one memorable one that I decided to revisit again: Neopets. … More A Trip Through Memory Lane

$200 On My Head

Waking up every morning, the first thing I check when I look into the mirror is how my hair looks. For many like myself, waking up to nice hair just gives that extra boost in confidence to your morning. Whereas, waking up to bad bed hair can be an absolute pain. Some of you have asked what I do to keep my hair looking the way it is, so here is my $200 solution! 😀 … More $200 On My Head

Home: Where the Heart is At

Most of the time, when I meet new people, they will always ask me this one question: “Where are you from?” Having been a frequent traveler since I was young, I would have to explain my entire personal background with hopes that the other can understand. More of less, they probably will not get it the first time. As troublesome as this question can be, I have mastered my answer. … More Home: Where the Heart is At