About Me

Photo by Tonya  (Instagram @puuuurplow)

Johnny Zhu is a Chinese-American photography hobbyist and travel enthusiast based in Honolulu, Hawai’i. Growing up in Hawai’i exposed him to a multicultural community, shaping his appreciation for a diversity of culture, language, and most importantly, people. The islands provided an international community, yet not enough international exposure. Therefore, his travels and adventure started once Johnny attended Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in September 2015.

Mynovelview started in March 2018 as a platform to share his experiences and insights with the community, with hopes to inspire others to travel and develop their creative minds. Johnny’s unique style of writing reaches out to his readers on a personal basis, sharing his personal story and suggestions.

Throughout his travel experiences (@novelview), Johnny has brought exposure to many Asian countries through his photos and writings. Johnny wishes to bring attention to the hidden gems of Asia, with hopes that others may also come to appreciate the diverse cultures, beautiful scenery, and delicious cuisines the Asian countries offer. He believes that just like Europe and North America, Asia also offers an unique and adventurous journey for all its travelers.

With a photography platform on Instagram (@jzhux), he creates his photos to showcase conceptual portraiture with strong focus on diversity. Johnny believes that no individual should be constrained by the standards of what society recognizes, as every ethnicity is beautiful. Furthermore, no individual should be constrained by trends and popular photography concepts, as it is more important to focus and creatively develop own’s one unique style of art.

A novel view is not only one that is interesting or unusual, but also one that tells a story, a novel.