A Trip Through Memory Lane

It’s been like a millenium in Neopet years since I last played this game. For those who can relate, having a Neopet is like having the pet you never had when growing up – fun and in constant need of attention.

As I tried to login, I realized that I had used a fake birthday (I can’t be the only one) when signing up initially. All my hard work of logging in everyday to feed my Neopet has left me with a starved Neopet, to my dismay. Instead of bothering to contact customer service, I decided to create a new account, and bring to life my newest pet oGelato (cause Gelato was already taken).

The whole interface of Neopets has not changed one bit, except for the bombardment of advertisements. Closing my tutorial page, I was eager to adventure into this game once again. Taking a trip down memory lane, here are the 10 things I did:

(I could not access many places until my Neopet was 2 days old, sigh )

  1. Visit the Money Tree

The Money Tree at Neopia Central is the place to go to grab some free items, as they were either donations or junk thrown out by people. Either way, this is the perfect place to for daily freebies, and perhaps come across some really good items that I can resell. However, I was not fast enough, and my 1000 NP (Neopoints) item was taken by someone else.

  1. Grab some Omelette

Everyone loves free food! Neopets offers many daily free foods up for grabs, keeping them hungry virtual pets bloated. I headed over to the Giant Omelette at Tyrannia to grab myself a slice from its massiveness.

  1. Go Fishing at Ye Olde Fishing Vortex

The best part about fishing on Neopets? The fact that you will certainly catch something with a single click. The worst part about fishing on Neopets? You won’t necessarily reel in a fish.

  1. Qasalan Expellibox

If there is one thing better than free food, it is free money and items! The Qasalan Expellibox is a simple game, where a simple click will get you a free something. I guess my “special” Custard Aroota will be a suitable petpet for my oGelato (yes, Neopets have their own pets!)

  1. Scavenger Hunt in Moltar City

Moltar City is filled with  items and materials to find! I just randomly clicked around the map and found some items. Furthermore, I went to Lampwyck’s Lights Fantastic shop to get my Empty Lantern, just so that I go worm hunting!

  1. More Free Food!

Without having to spend money on food, or having to play games to spend money on food, I visited the Neopets Fruit Machine at the old city of Sakhmet for a free treat. Needless to say, a fruit a day keeps the doctor away.

  1. Even More Free Food!!

Not sure how filling a spoonful of jelly is, but it’s still free food. Bounce over to Jelly World and discover the gigantic jelly!

  1. Visit the Meteor Crash Site

..cause why not? I chose to poke the meteor with a stick, and guess what? Nothing. Maybe next time.

  1. Collect Secret Avatars

Needed some help from the internet with this one…so clearly not cheating here. Avatars are used for my profile, and rare ones can be found by completing quests or doing something random. For example, searching for ‘i love baby buzz!’

  1. Find the Hidden Tower

This (not so) secret location is really a great find! Not only do I get to praise myself for finding it again, but I also get to make myself feel absolutely out of place with the expensive items in stock.

This trip down memory lane was quite the enjoyable and addicting one. However, I must say that it is sad to see that many of the freebie games are no longer available. For example, the Wheel of Slime and all those other wheels where I just spun and received prizes. Also, the Adver-Video where I can just click play, ignore the video ad, and receive free Neopoints in the end. Aside from these changes, I can’t wait to continue playing Neopets..at least until I get bored of it again

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