$200 On My Head


Waking up every morning, the first thing I check when I look into the mirror is how my hair looks. For many like myself, waking up to nice hair just gives that extra boost in confidence to your morning. Whereas, waking up to bad bed hair can be an absolute pain. Some of you have asked what I do to keep my hair looking the way it is, so read on for my absolute solution! 😀

. . .

Tears ran down my cheeks as the hair clipper ran through my hair.

Growing up, I always wanted to grow out my hair like everyone else. However, my mom would never let my hair grow beyond the length in which she considered as “too long.” Just so you know, “too long” really was not long at all, but rather, too short that I looked like your average Asian boy with a buzzcut. Till this day, I still don’t understand why some traditional Asian parents like the buzz cut for their sons. Perhaps, it’s because they could save money on shampoo, or even save time from not having to sweep up loose hair all over the house?

It wasn’t until I started high school that my mom became more lenient with what I wanted to do with my hair, and also because she was tired of chasing after me to cut my hair 🙂 This was the start to to grow out my hair and take on a new look. Or so I thought…

Growing up with a buzz cut, there really was no styling or managing of the hair involved. Therefore, I was absolutely confused. All I wanted was to grow out my hair, yet it grew out in such a way as if I had a porcupine on my head. I thought to myself, “why does my hair not look like that guy’s nice wavy hair?” It was after multiple haircuts and styling attempts that I realized that I was dealing with a problem only my kind of people had.. Asian Hair!

Unlike most Asian hair, my hair is much more thick, stubborn, and grows insanely fast.

With Asian hair, styling it properly is essential in getting that clean slick look. Learning how to style my hair properly was a long journey of its own. I started with using hair gel and randomly styling it through my hair, making me look like Goku from Dragon Ball Z, to now using hair cream, combing and blow-drying it through my hair. On certain nights, I would have to sleep with a beanie on just so it keeps my hair from shaping into bad bed hair. However, all this styling process is tedious and timely, which was why I would revert to the easy and lazy way around it all – putting on a hat or beanie, and saving me some extra sleeping time in the morning.

As much as I hated my Asian hair, I was in no mindset to go back to getting a buzz cut. I needed an alternative solution, and with much experimentation and inspirational research on haircuts, I came across my $200 answer – the perm (with coloring, cut, and wash).

Just FYI, perms come in multiple forms, as I know some of you are probably thinking about the typical and crazy curls. For me, I wanted to achieve the iconic Asian perm that many Korean male celebrities have – just enough of that wave. Getting the Asian perm was probably one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Even though the perm temporarily lasts for three months, my hair is volumized, styled, and tamed every morning without me having to go through extensive hair work.

This is what I call money worth spending, quality worth paying. Good hair today keeps all your negativity away.

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