3 Years of Independence

At the current age of 21, I last saw my family three years ago. Three years of Christmas, New Years, and many university holidays spent without my parents and little brother. This sounds absolutely mind blowing when I first tell this to many students my age, as they can’t imagine not having to see their family at least once a month. Distance served as a huge factor that kept me apart, being that it’s not the easiest to travel back and forth from Philadelphia to Hawaii without going out of budget for the 7898 km (4908 miles) one way. However, I could not have been happier to just be on my own. … More 3 Years of Independence

New York, Philly, DC: Three Cities, Three Weekends

If there’s one thing (among the many) that I absolutely miss about the United States, its the beautiful Fall weather. Sadly, Fall came and left too early this year, followed by an early winter wind and dryness. As I slowly start layering on more clothes, I found myself missing Singapore’s sunny yet humid weather. … More New York, Philly, DC: Three Cities, Three Weekends

United States: Hello, Dear Old Friend

Having spent a year in Asia, I really found coming back to the United States to be a HUGE reverse culture shock! My flight arrived late, I missed my first bus back to Philly, and I got ripped off $400 for an illegal cab ride from JFK Airport to Downtown Manhattan. I got to say, thanks for the welcome back gift America. Read on to hear about my first month back in the land of the free! … More United States: Hello, Dear Old Friend

Vietnam: Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Ha Long Bay

5 days, 4 nights, 3 cities, 2 travelers, 1 unbelievable experience! Although our itinerary was packed back to back, my friend and I truly got to experience northern Vietnam in its entirety. We ate our way through Hanoi, cycled through beauty scenery in Ninh Binh, and cruised along Halong Bay with new friends. Although others told me that such an itinerary was very rushed, I did not regret the fact that I was always on the move, not wasting any second we had. Here I share my first Vietnam experience with you all. … More Vietnam: Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Ha Long Bay